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charcuterie boards

( SHärˈko͞odərē ) 

Live edge, hand-made, charcuterie boards from Triple 'D' Woodshop

It's All About the Wood!

These one-of-a-kind charcuterie boards are carved from logs in a collection of reclaimed, found and even rare wood. Instead of scrapping these beautiful remnants of wood, Dodd gives them new life by transforming them into unique charcuterie boards.

Each one is individually cut, shaped and sanded by hand.


The unique finish is what sets these apart from other charcuterie boards. 


Smooth Velvety Finish

  • Food safe conversion varnish on both sides.

  • All Shapes and Sizes-  Small to Large. Long and Skinny to Square-ish.

  • ​Prices range and each board is individually priced.

  • Matching pieces can be sold as a set or individually.

  • Excellent gifts.

  • Some pieces can be considered art and added to you decor.

  • Can be personalized with a brand.

  • Wholesale options available.

  • Inventory is totally random and ever changing.

  • Download Care Instructions (PDF)

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